About Vinukonda Municipality


         Vinukonda Municipality has constituted in the year 2005 vide G.O.Ms.No.365, MA., Dt.29.04.2005 by upgrading the Vinukonda Panchyat to Grade III Municipality. And it upgraded to Grade II Municipality in the year 2018 vide G.O.Ms.No.188, MA., Dt.08.06.2018. It spreads over an area of 22.82 Sq.Km with population of 59,725 (As per 2011 Census). The Municipality is situated at an elevation of 87.00 Mts above mean sea level having a least lateral dimension of 2.44 Km from west to east and around 2.60 K.m from north to south.



History of ULB:

         Vinukonda is a town in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. In Vinukonda, the most famous attraction is the mountain. This mountain has religious importance as well. When Rama was searching for Sita, he found this mountain. While climbing the mountain, he heard from a bird that Sita was captured in Lanka. This is why the town is called Vinukonda because "Vinu" means heard (Rama heard from the bird where Sita was) and "Konda" means mountain in Telugu.  The name therefore literally translates to "Hearing Hill". It is also the headquarters of a mandal of the same name. The Country comprising of the present Guntur District was ruled over by the great dynasties such as Sathavahanas, Ishavakus, Vishnukundins, Chalukyas, Cholas, Kakatiyas, Reddies of Kondaveedu, Vijayanagar Kings, Qutubshahis and Asaf Jahis. The Majority Andhra area had been ruled out by Vishnukundins with the head quarter of Vishnukundinpura. Ultimately the name Vishnukundinapura is called as Vinukonda.

Prominent places :

          Vinukonda is the miracle historical town in which the ancient men tombs called as (Rakshasa Gundu) came into light when dugged out behind the Vinukonda hill. They are still now there.

Places of worship :

          The colony of Vishukundi nagar is named after the Vishnukundi kings. Hindu and Muslim rituals are usually followed in the town. A grand festival is celebrated town wide on TOLIEKADASI, where people climb the mountain to worship Sree Ramalingeswara Swami There is also oldest GUNTIANJANEYASWAMI temple (Lord hanuman situated on one of the hill rocks), A four hundred year old Jama Masjid, built in 1640

     1 Sri M. Jaswanth Rao 29.09.2005 To 30.09.2008
     2 Sri D. Srinivasarao Dy.E.E.(FAC) 19.06.2008 To 24.09.2008
     3 Sri K. Ramarao 25.09.2008 To 30.06.2013
     4 Sri D. Srinivasarao Dy.E.E.(FAC) 01.07.2013 To 31.07.2013
     5 Sri A. Venkateswarlu 01.08.2013 To 26.05.2016
     6 Sri B. V. Rangarao R.O.(FAC) 27.05.2016 To 16.06.2016
     7 Sri D. Ravindra 17.06.2016 To 06.04.2018
     8 Sri V. V. Ramaiah 07.04.2018 To 12.02.2019
     9 Sri B. Srinivasulu 14.02.2019 To Present

     1 Sri G. Prasadarao 29.09.2005 To 30.09.2010
     2 Special Officer Rule 01.10.2010 To 23.07.2014
     3 Smt Khajipur Janibi 24.07.2014 To 08.02.2017
     4 Sri P. Srinivasarao(i/c) 09.02.2017 To 13.03.2017
     5 Smt Ch. P. Sameera Khanam 14.03.2017 To 02.07.2019
     6 Special Officer Rule 03.07.2019 To Present

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